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Research Themes

We work across disciplines, developing and applying statistical and demographic methodology for the social sciences. We also carry out extensive research in demography and other related disciplines.

We have four main themes:

Demography, Health and Wellbeing

Researchers in this area work with colleagues across social sciences and the University, using cutting-edge quantitative and qualitative methods to aid interdisciplinary analysis. We have particularly close links with fellow academics and researchers in Geography and in the Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute (S3RI).

There are five main areas of research: demographic estimation and statistical modelling the family, life course and ageing; historical demography; HIV/AIDS; reproductive and child health in the developing world; and research on poverty and living standards in both rich and poor countries. 

Find out more: Centre for Population Change (CPC), Centre for Global Health, Population, Poverty and Policy (CGHPP), Centre for Research on Ageing (CRA), Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute (S3RI).

Survey Methods and Official Statistics

We are at the forefront of international research on methodology for the design and analysis of sample surveys, and the use of administrative data for official statistics.

Our major research contract with the Methodology group of the Office for National Statistics has resulted in a wide variety of projects. We are leading the newly established Administrative Data Research Centre for England. Our division have engaged in collaborative EU-funded projects with partners across Europe, including a large number of national statistical institutes.

We also have strong international links with Statistics Canada, the US Census Bureau, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, and IBGE, Brazil.

Much of our research is carried out with the University research centre S3RI, which develops methods for census, survey sampling, and statistical surveys based on data from multiple sources.

Find out more: Southampton Statistical Research Institute (S3RI)

Statistical and Computational Modelling

Academics in this area have interests in various aspects of modelling, including statistical modelling (generalised linear models, multilevel modelling, survival analysis, contingency tables and graphical models), as well as computational modelling (micro-simulations and agent-based models). We work closely with S3RI to develop statistical methods for the analysis of social science studies, with focus on demographic estimation and forecasting. We also collaborate with colleagues in Electronics and Computer Science and Southampton Management School on developing and testing computational simulation methods for social science applications.

Find out more: Centre for Population Change (CPC), CPC Modelling Strand, Care Life Cycle (CLC), Integrated Modelling of International Migration (IMEM).

Policy and Evaluation

Research focuses on a wide range of substantive applications arising from important themes in society and often involving statistical modelling of large and complex survey datasets. We work closely with S3RI, using statistical methods to evaluate national and international policies or programmes and to analyse quantitative data relevant to policy. Find out more...

I was aware that the University was very strong in social research – excellent research and teaching ratings and the ESRC-accredited S3RI – and felt that Southampton was the ideal place to continue my research training.

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