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Decode project

The DECODE (Decision Environment for COmplex DEsign) EPSRC project is specifically aimed at developing a coherent set of software tools and a design methodology that will allow users to quickly explore the design space for unmanned vehicles.

The DECODE software tools are being tested by using them to develop a set of air vehicles to meet a very demanding long range maritime reconnaissance mission. The first DECODE air vehicle will flew in 2010.

We have partnered with a German company (PACE gmbh) to develop a UAV concept design optimiser module as part of the DECODE project.

The University has UTCs in Noise and Computational Engineering with Airbus and Rolls-Royce and these companies along with BAE systems, Cobham and others support the work being undertaken in the DECODE project.

We construct advanced design tools and use them to design, build and fly sub-20kg state of the art unmanned air vehicles with full autonomous control systems and on-board cameras.
UAV design
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