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Postdoctoral Opportunities

We value postdoctoral research as an important step on the academic career path, offering the opportunity to work on a key project, in a top-class research environment alongside experts in one of our many and varied academic fields.

We have a small but ever-growing community of postdoctoral researchers who join us either with sponsorship from a postdoctoral funding scheme, such as the British Academy or Leverhulme, or as part of a larger research project enabled by funding from various sources including the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

While with us, postdoctoral researchers are provided with tailored professional training and support to complement and enhance their work. We view postdoctoral work as a career stepping stone, leading to further work within academia, such as a lectureship, or a significant role in the non-academic sphere.

Dr Catherine Wheatley talks about her experiences as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Southampton:

“…I was based at Southampton from 2006 to 2010, working as a postdoctoral researcher on a four-year AHRC-funded project examining the historical place of French cinema in Britain from 1930 to the present, which was led by Dr Lucy Mazdon.

The environment within Film Studies at Southampton, and the University more widely, was inclusive and supportive: there are frequent interdisciplinary workshops and seminars open to all Early Career Researchers, while the department hosts a regular research forum in which I was encouraged to participate and which was a fantastic opportunity to present my work and get feedback in a friendly environment.

I joined the University straight after completing my doctoral thesis and the
position offered allowed me to build up my publications record and hone my
research skills. Working closely with an academic of Dr Mazdon’s standing
enabled me to benefit from her experience and mentoring skills. I’ve since
gone on to a position as a Lecturer in Film Studies; as a first step towards
an academic career the postdoctoral position was invaluable, allowing me to develop my own academic skills and profile free from heavy teaching loads…”

The Ethic of the Image. By Catherine Wheatley (2009)
Michael Haneke's Cinema
The AHRC funds research in the Humanities

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