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Postgraduate research


A student in the mooting room at Southampton Law School

Join our community of researchers across a wide range of subjects in public, private, domestic and international law.


All of our full-time staff are active researchers, many are recognised for their work at the forefront of their fields. Among our community we have leading authors and experts in their respective subjects.

We work with a wide variety of groups including the legal profession, policymakers in government and the EU and other research bodies and organisations around the world. This reflects our strengths in many fields of legal and socio-legal research and these close links give our students the opportunity to study with internationally-respected scholars.

We engage in several nationally and internationally-funded research projects and our success in drawing in such funding is increasing year on year.

We are committed to expanding our research portfolio by recruiting leading scholars and early career researchers.

Main areas of research

Our research themes cover national and global issues and bring together cross-faculty academics. They include:

  • information technology (IT) law
  • health ethics and law
  • law, policy and society
  • insurance law
  • maritime and commercial law
  • property, equity and land law
  • criminal justice and crime analysis
  • socio-legal studies
  • discrimination, gender and the law

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