Postgraduate research


Archaeology researcher

Join our leading international research centre for archaeology and make a unique contribution to our understanding of the past and its relevance to the present day. Tackle important global challenges such as the protection and management of our heritage and landscapes.


Join one of the largest archaeology research programmes in the UK. Students from all over the world study a wide range of archaeological topics in an intellectually stimulating environment. You'll work alongside renowned scholars in the field.

Make use of superb purpose-built laboratories with the latest equipment. They include dedicated spaces for lithics analysis and isotope sampling as well as maritime and palaeolithic archaeology labs. We also support archaeological fieldwork across the globe. You’ll get specialist training in research methods relevant to your investigations.

A team of academics will guide you, led by a supervisor of your choice. You'll be supported by staff with a range of expertise in different archaeological periods and cultures, materials, analytical techniques and theories. Supervision is flexible so we can adjust the team and expertise as your research develops.

As a PhD student you'll have opportunities to develop transferable skills alongside your studies such as presenting and teaching. You can also take part in regular seminars to try out your ideas to a wider audience. Share your research with peers at our annual archaeology symposium.

Main areas of research

Our research is grouped into these themes:

  • human evolution, chronology, dispersals and lifeways
  • classical empires
  • maritime archaeology
  • prehistoric landscapes, monuments and materialities
  • representation, visualisation and politics of archaeology

Some of our research, such as scientific archaeology, cuts across several research themes.

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