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In spite of the importance of insurance law to both consumers and businesses, it is taught only at a small number of universities in the UK. Insurance Contract Law has been available as an undergraduate subject at Southampton since 2011.

The module Insurance Contract Law is an optional module in the third year. It has been offered as a third year optional module since 2011.

The starting point of the module is to build on general contract law and to review the many peculiarities that apply specifically to insurance contracts. There are specific features in the formation of the insurance contract as well as in the types of contract terms and the scope of the contract.

Insurance law is a constantly changing subject – not only is it currently the subject of reform through the work of the Law Commission, but there is also a steady flow of new case law some of which is reviewed throughout the syllabus. Students have the opportunity to study law in the making such as new legislation, the most recent Law Commission proposals. Topics covered include headline news matter such as riot insurance and flood insurance.

LLB students can also write their dissertation on insurance law.

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Insurance Contract Law LAWS3088

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