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University of Southampton Module (UOSM2041)

Emerging and Resilient India

Emerging and Resilient India 

Students from any second and third year undergraduate programme are eligible to enrol.

Module coordinators: Professor Sabu Padmadas and Mr. Amarjit Singh

Department/Academic Unit: Department of Ageing and GerontologySchool of Economic, Social and Political Sciences

What is this module about?  

The module ‘Emerging and Resilient India’ will address four key questions. First, what is the political, socioeconomic, cultural and demographic landscape of India before and after independence? What are the interlinkages between climate change and population growth on environmental sustainability and resilience?  How did India’s economy and business ecosystems evolve since the introduction of liberalisation policies in the early 1990s? What are the opportunities and challenges for India in terms of growth and investment in human capital and economic resources?  As the demographic window of opportunity extends over to next 40 years, there are also global uncertainties that India face, among other challenges, widening health and wealth inequalities, population growth, environmental and climate threats. The module will examine these challenges in an interdisciplinary perspective, using a range of learning resources such as interactive lectures, case study seminars, debates and multimedia.

What are the aims of this module?

What will you learn?

During and by the end of the module, you will have:

  1. Gained an interdisciplinary understanding of India’s political, socioeconomic, cultural, demographic and geographic landscape from historical and contemporary perspectives;
  2. Developed an understanding of contemporary India’s emergence as an independent sovereign country and its growth as one of the world’s fastest growing major economies;
  3. Gained an understanding of challenges underlying climate change impact and environmental sustainability;
  4. Evaluated different approaches to Indian business and entrepreneurship models in both advanced and emerging markets;
  5. Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of current and future economic opportunities and challenges facing India including post-Brexit implications;
  6. Undertaken independent research and critical analysis of thematic case studies relevant to the India’s distinctiveness and contribution to wider society.

What key skills will you develop?


For enquires, please contact Professor Sabu Padmadas ( or Mr. Amarjit Singh (  



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