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Learn about our collaborations and partnerships

These are examples of some of the collaborations we have undertaken.  

Dream a Dream 

The India Centre has collaborated with the ‘Dream a Dream’ initiative since 2019. 

Since 1999, Dream a Dream has existed to empower young people from vulnerable backgrounds to thrive. As a pioneer of life skills in India we are working to transform the education experience for more than 260 million school-going children. Through our own programs, curriculum, pedagogical innovations, and holistic assessment frameworks we are shifting the narratives around the purpose of education to thriving. 

Dream a Dream’s work is spread across 9 Indian states, reaching over 2.2 million children and over 44,000 educators through strategic partnerships with state governments and collaborations with other non-profits and funders in India.  See more information at 

A woman travelling in a Tuk-tuk
Dream a Dream empowers young people from vulnerable backgrounds to thrive.

Learning to be Leaders 

The Chandra Southampton Next Generation Leadership Programme arose from a series of meetings between Amreesh Chandra, Executive Principal, St Paul’s School, Gorakhpur, India, and representatives from the University of Southampton. 

The partnership focused on education and fostering sustainable change. It involved students from Southampton Education School BSc Education, BSc Education/Psychology and PGCE students to contribute to a leadership project at St Paul’s and develop their leadership skills.

Access road to St Paul's school in Gorakhpur, India
Southampton students contributed to a leadership project at St Paul’s School, Gorakhpur.