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The India Centre for Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development

About us

Discover what we do and how we support researchers.


A globally recognised centre of excellence committed to accelerating impact, underpinned by innovations and quality in research, education, enterprise and knowledge-transfer, and reinforced by equitable and sustainable partnerships with Indian institutions. 


We deliver evidence-based solutions and unlock opportunities for policy change enabling inclusive economic growth and sustainable development through knowledge-exchange and collaborations with academia, industry, community and government stakeholders in India.

We serve as an institution-wide platform for deepening and diversifying strategic engagement with India, enhancing Southampton’s reputation and relationships across India, while reaffirming our continued global focus and outlook.  outlook. 

Strategic goals

  1. Deliver evidence-based solutions and thought leadership to unlock opportunities for policy change, enabling inclusive growth and sustainable development.  
  2. Strengthen and sustain our presence, profile and reputation in India through stakeholder engagement with academia, government, industry, alumni and local community. 
  3. Develop globally relevant high impact research, education and enterprise projects, and knowledge transfer activities in collaboration with Indian institutions. 
  4. Enhance institutional capacity through curriculum innovation, research mobility, bilateral student immersion programmes, internships, professional development training programmes and consultancy.  
  5. Enable CSR funding opportunities for supporting postgraduate scholarships, research and enterprise projects. 


  1. Collegiality, integrity and collaboration are at the forefront of what we do.   
  2. Champion equality, diversity, and inclusion in all our activities and engagement. 
  3. Deliver quality and excellence in what we do.  
  4. Be agile, compassionate, responsive, and accountable. 
  5. Embed environmental sustainability and social responsibility.