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The University of Southampton

Copyright Law and Your Use of E-Journals

Users of electronic journals are reminded that copyright regulations apply to material in electronic formats in the same way as they apply to printed material. Users are bound by law to observe copyright regulations.

E-journals are subject to copyright law just like printed materials and their use is also governed by the licence agreements that the University of Southampton  signs with publishers when arranging electronic access.

These agreements set out how the e-journals may be used and who may use them. You are responsible for ensuring that you use e-resources in accordance with these requirements. Please remember that your University of Southampton  username and password are for your use only and must never be disclosed to others. Please NOTE that publishers will suspend, and may withdraw access completely to e-journals when abuse is detected. The University of Southampton will investigate such cases.

What can I use e-journals  for?

You can use e-journals for private study, teaching and/or research, provided that these activities are for non-commercial purposes .

What can I do with e-resources?

As a general rule you may, for your own personal non-commercial use (private study, teaching, research):

What can I NOT do with e-resources?


Please contact the library (ext. 22180, email: ) for further information or if you have any questions.

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