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Nicola Englyst


Nicola Englyst

Dr Englyst graduated with a BSc (Hons) and a PhD from the University of Aberdeen before moving to Cambridge to complete her first postdoctoral research position. She then moved to the University of Southampton in 1999 where she was subsequently awarded a University Career Track Fellowship followed by a Fellowship from Research into Ageing and a National Endowments for Science, Technology and the Arts CRUCIBLE Fellowship. Dr Englyst was appointed as Lecturer in Physiology in 2007 to a post that combines teaching with research. Since then she has been appointed Coordinator for the Endocrinology and Life Cycle course in Semester 4 as well as fter various roles in undergradute education, Dr Englyst has taken up a role as a prgramme leader in MSc Diabetes Best Practice.

Dr Englyst’s research interests are based around coagulation, in a translational approach ranging from what happens at the molecular and cellular level through to what happens in the patient. In particular, Dr Englyst researches interactions between coagulation, inflammation, endothelial cells and platelets. These interlinked areas are particularly important in vascular disease and Dr Englyst has a strong interest in the effects of infection and inflammation in ischemic stroke, since patients who have an infection just after a stroke have a worse prognosis. More recently, Dr Englyst has expanded these interests to explore the role of cellular microparticles in health and disease.

Dr Englyst has been involved with the Faculty of Medicine’s Postdoctoral Association since its inception, and currently serves on the committee. She is the Chair of the Postdoctoral Mentoring Scheme which provides a mentoring service for all research staff. As well as maintaining a database of mentors, Dr Englyst organises mentoring workshops and training for both mentors and mentees. Dr Englyst is also the Pastoral Tutor for the MSc in Allergy and the MSc in Public Health Nutrition at the University of Southampton.


1993 - BSc (Hons) - Biochemistry, University of Aberdeen

1996 - PhD - University of Aberdeen

2008 - PCAP - University of Southampton

Appointments held

1996-1999 - Research Fellow, Clinical Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge

1999-2011 - Research Fellow, School of Medicine, University of Southampton

2003-2007 - Senior Research Fellow, School of Medicine, University of Southampton

2007-2015 - Lecturer, School of Medicine, University of Southampton

2015-Present - Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Southampton

Associated Projects

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