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The University of Southampton
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Music Studio Equipment

The newly refurbished and extended studios comprise two control rooms and two live rooms with 16 mic tie-lines each which can be flexibly interconnected via a patchbay system.

Each control room has an 8-Core Mac Pro fitted with RME multichannel audio hardware, 88-key MIDI keyboards, and current versions of professional software including: Logic Pro, Kontakt, Reaktor and Max/MSP/Jitter. A range of mic pre-amps and compressors are installed, including models from RME, Universal Audio, Focusrite and TL Audio, providing solid state, transistor, valve and emulation options. Mackie control surfaces are installed together with Genelec active stereo monitoring and Bowers and Wilkins/Rotel 5.1 surround sound monitoring. A Yamaha Disklavier is located in Live Room A.

One of two new studios housed in the department
Studio A

Work for film/video is further supported in one studio with additional sample libraries including the Vienna Symphonic Cube, Spitfire Albion and Percussion and Storm DrumII. Various professional microphones are available for use in the studios, including models from: AKG, DPA, Neumann, Shure, and Sennheiser).

A laptop based mobile multichannel rig is also available for recording sessions outside the studio, such as orchestral recording in the Turner Sims Concert Hall or live jazz/pop recording in The Talking Heads venue.

A separate computer room of 20 new iMacs running Logic Pro and Sibelius, together with printing facilities, is available for all music students.

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