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Dr Cecilia D'Angelo 

Senior Research Fellow

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Dr Cecilia D'Angelo is Senior Research Fellow within Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton at the University of Southampton.

I am Senior Research Fellow in the Coral Reef Laboratory at the University of Southampton (UK). I am fascinated by a broad range of aspects of reef coral biology and I am applying molecular techniques including genomic and lipidomic approaches to understand their physiological response to stress.

My scientific career began at the National University in Rosario (Argentina) where I studied Biotechnology and obtained my Diploma in the area of Biophysics in the Department of Biological Chemistry (Faculty of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences), analysing the effects of bicarbonate on the energetic metabolism of mitochondria.

I obtained my PhD with Distinction from the Department of Molecular and Developmental Biology of Plants at the University of Münster (Germany) working with Prof. J. Kudla on the "Functional Analysis of Calcineurin B-like Proteins and their Interacting Protein Kinases in Abiotic Stress Responses” (PhD Thesis Grade: Summa cum Laude).

I further pursued my interest in molecular stress physiology as postdoctoral researcher in the Department of General Zoology and Endocrinology at the University of Ulm (Germany) focussing on the molecular mechanisms of photoprotection in reef corals.

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Research interests

Affliliated to: The Coral Reef Laboratory (CRL)


Research Interests:

  • GFP-like proteins in Anthozoa
  • Stress physiology and regulation of gene expression in reef corals
  • Genomic and lipidomic analyses of the coral holobiont



Impact of nutrients on coral reefs
Impact of nutrients on coral reefs

Research Projects

Influence of nutrient starvation on coral's susceptibility to thermal bleaching (EU/ ERC Research Project Prof. Dr. Joerg Wiedenmann): The project will discern the impacts of nutrient starvation on reef corals, combining physiological experiments under tightly controlled laboratory conditions and field-based studies, using a suite of optical methods and advanced molecular techniques.


Corals in the Arabian Gulf
Corals in the Arabian Gulf

Understanding the exceptional heat tolerance of reef corals from the Persian/Arabian Gulf (NERC Standard Grant Research Project PI Prof. Dr. Joerg Wiedenmann). We are exploring the physiological basis for the stress resilience of corals from the Persian/Arabian Gulf (PAG), the world's hottest sea. We are testing how the unique physicochemical environment of the PAG influence the thermotolerance of corals.





Research group

Marine Biology and Ecology


Book Chapters

Practical Course in the CRL
Practical Course in the CRL

SOES 2026 Introduction to Marine Molecular Biology

SOES 3031 Marine Molecular Biology

SOES 6071 MSci Advanced Independent Research Project


PhD Projects CoSupervision:

Ms. Sabrina Rosset

Ms. Elena Bollati

Dr Cecilia D'Angelo
Student Office, Room 166/09 University of Southampton Waterfront Campus National Oceanography Centre European Way Southampton SO14 3ZH

Room Number:NOCS/566/17

Telephone:(023) 8059 9346
Facsimile:(023) 8059 3059

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