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Professor Neil Ferguson

Professor Neil Ferguson


Research interests

  • Variability and uncertainty in Structural Dynamics
  • Wave models and their development for structural dynamics
  • Vibration in random and periodic media

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.


Neil’s activities and interests encompass all areas of general dynamics involving discrete or continuous structural engineering systems – be they aerospace, automotive or civil engineering for example.  His research covers everything from developing simple to complicated mathematical models, looking for physical behaviour and subsequently trying to validate them experimentally.  The methodologies encompass wave modelling, variability and uncertainty and aspects of noise and vibration control, with niche application to estimation of material properties and damage or leak detection.  Previous earlier work examined high intensity acoustic fatigue, including nonlinear dynamics and fatigue.  More recently hybrid methodologies for structural response prediction in the mid to high frequencies have been developed, where existing numerical models (e.g. finite element models) are either inaccurate or highly sensitive to model variation.