Professor Marianne O'Doherty

Professor Marianne O'Doherty


Research interests

  • Medieval travel and pilgrimage literature
  • Medieval maps, geographical writing, place and space, literary geographies
  • Spatial humanities (including digital)

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I teach and research medieval literature and culture at the University of Southampton. My undergraduate teaching and MA supervision ranges across Old English Literature, Arthurian Literature, Chaucer, and medieval otherness and monstrosity. My main research interest is in medieval experiences and representations of space, including maps, travel and pilgrimage writing, and geographical iterature. I am particularly interested in the reception of medieval travel and pilgrimage writing, including the Book of Sir John Mandeville. I am keen to hear from applicants interested in PhD study in any of these areas. I am an active member of the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Culture at Southampton.

I have successfully supervised PhDs in Old and Middle English literature, and welcome innovative and exciting project proposals in a wide range of fields, particularly those intersecting with my interests in travel writing, mapping, place, space, landscape, literary geographies, othering and otherness, and the circulation, reception, and translation of medieval texts. Ideas for interdisciplinary projects are welcome, as are projects working across languages (particularly Latin, French, and Italian).