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Doctor Michal Kalkowski

Dr Michal Kalkowski


Research interests

  • Non-destructive testing
  • Material characterisation and imaging with ultrasound
  • Guided waves

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Michal uses structural waves and vibrations to determine the properties and the condition of structures. His interests include:

  • Ultrasonic non-destructive testing, imaging and characterisation,
  • Underground structures interrogation,
  • Leak detection and localisation,
  • Exploring natural environment with vibration and waves
  • Analytical and numerical modelling of wave motion,
  • Periodic systems, metamaterials and smart structures.

Michal works on developing modelling tools and signal processing techniques to extract the desired information about inspected structures. His main applications of interest are in the nuclear energy sector, water industry, and aerospace, but they also reach as far as characterising the natural environment.