Professor Max Crispin

Professor Max Crispin

Director of Inst for Life Sciences

Research interests

  • Viral Glycobiology
  • Therapeutic Antibodies

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Max Crispin is Director of the Institute for Life Sciences and Professor of Glycobiology at the University of Southampton. Max runs the Glycoprotein Therapeutics Laboratory (within the School of Biological Sciences) which is predominantly focussed on developing anti-viral vaccines and new antibody-based therapies against cancer.

In the Glycoprotein Therapeutics Laboratory we exploit the glycan modifications of proteins in the design of vaccines candidates and glycoprotein-based therapeutics. We have a particular interest in vaccine design against the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and in the development of novel antibody-based cancer therapeutics. This involves understanding how glycans impact on protein and viral function, how they are structured, and how we they can be manipulated for therapeutic applications.