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Doctor Sergio Araujo-Estrada

Dr Sergio Araujo-Estrada

 BEng, MSc, PhD
Lecturer in Control and Robotics

Accepting applications from PhD students.

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Address: Boldrewood Campus, Burgess Road, SO16 7QF


Sergio Araujo-Estrada (he/him), pronounced Ser-hee-oh, is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Control and Robotics at the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the University of Southampton.
His research focuses on developing techniques to model and control robotic systems, for example Uninhabited Vehicles for air and/or water environments. In particular, his research aims to improve functionality and trustworthiness of these vehicles by taking inspiration from nature and applying it to them.

His motivation can be summarised as follows:
“I find it amazing that with a handful of equations you can describe how a vehicle (e.g., aircraft, ship) moves (through the air, water or on the ground), and not only that, but with this knowledge you can predict and modify what its future state will be.
However, there are cases where these equations/models a not up to the job. I would like to find out the limits of these models and propose/find improved ones. We can then use these to propose novel vehicle configurations.”

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