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Doctor Ben Whitburn

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Inclusive education -theory~practice
  • Critical disability studies
  • Co-design

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Accepting applications from PhD students.

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Dr Ben Whitburn is Associate Professor of Education at the Southampton Education School, University of Southampton, Highfield campus. Through research and teaching, Ben concentrates on heightening equity across educational sectors by reorientating theory, policy, and pedagogy towards affirmative engagements with diverse ways of being and knowing. With a particular interest in theorising inclusive education using critical disability perspectives, Ben draws on innovative and critical methodologies to develop and deliver programs of research and teaching that are centred on the voices of those affected by disability and other intersectional diversities who are subject to ongoing inequities.

To that end, Ben has generated a substantial body of published work addressing the policy sociology of educational inclusion across the sectors, which include the specific areas of inherent requirements (competence standards), personalised support, accessibility, resourcing and funding, temporalities of inclusion (crip time), curriculum design, pedagogy, and assessment. Ben also teaches course modules related to inclusive education, specifically in relation to knowing and relating to difference, interpreting evidence in context, inclusive curriculum and assessment design, and research frameworks.

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