Doctor Seyedvahid Vakili

Dr Seyedvahid Vakili

Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Sustainable shipping;
  • Net zero emissions;
  • Alternative fuels for (maritime) net zero emissions;

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Currently holding the position of research fellow in the Department of Civil, Maritime, and Environmental Engineering within the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Southampton, his primary research focus centres on sustainable shipping. Specifically, he places a strong emphasis on energy and zero emissions within the (maritime) industries including ships, ports and shipyards.

Capt. Dr. Vakili's research interests center around a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach aimed at minimizing air emissions. He focuses on exploring alternative fuels, Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) technologies, renewable energy sources, and enhancing energy efficiency throughout the entire life cycle of ships. This includes aspects such as ship design, construction, operation, scrapping, as well as the impact on ports-cities and shipyards-cities. His dedication extends beyond these areas, as he is also deeply passionate about addressing cyber security concerns and mitigating underwater noise pollution originating from commercial vessels. He maintains a keen interest in the relationship between energy efficiency and underwater noise pollution.