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Professor Stephen Turnock

Professor Stephen Turnock

Head of School

Research interests

  • His fluid dynamics expertise lies in the synthesis of analytical, experimental and computational methods for a diverse range of applications. Examples of such work are in the development of a patented integrated tidal energy generator (winner of The Engineers’ Energy Sector Innovation award 2008), supervision of the students who designed Amy Williams’ Gold medal winning bob skeleton sled (winner of The Engineer’s Sport Technology Innovation award in 2010) and with continued support for Gold medal success in 2014 and 2018, academic supervisor for the Delphin Autonomous underwater vehicle (winner of the SAUC-E competition in 2007).
  • He has acted as a consultant to diverse organisations including NOC, Speedo, Shell Shipping, BAEsystems, Rolls Royce, dstl, QinetiQ, and WS Atkins.
  • Expertise: Future Fuels for Shipping; Maritime Robotics and Autonomy; Rudder, hydrofoil, and control surface design; Unsteady race simulation for kayak, rowing and sailing; Hull-propeller-rudder interaction; Ship added resistance and manoeuvring in waves; Underwater noise prediction using CFD; Experimental techniques for use of wave/tow tank testing; Tidal turbines, wave energy and offshore wind turbine design; Wind turbine array power prediction; Hydrogen fuel cells for hybrid ship propulsion; Hydrodynamics of swimming assessment by pool based test techniques and using CFD.

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.


Address: Boldrewood Campus, Burgess Road, SO16 7QF (View in Google Maps)



Head of Department, Civil, Maritime and Environmental engineering (2018-2021)

Boldrewood Towing Tank (Academic Lead), 2012-present

He is on the editorial board of two journals, deputy editor of Journal of Marine Science and Technology and regularly reviews papers for many Journals as well as a member of research panels in Norway, Netherlands and Germany

He served on the technical committees of International Towing Tank Conference (NGO member of IMO) from 2002-2014 including as Chair of the Resistance Committee of the 27th ITTC(2011-2014).  He is the ITTC representative for the University of Southampton.

He is a founding member of the Society of Maritime Industries Maritime Autonomous Systems Working Group and organised a Transport Catapult workshop on large ship autonomy(2017)

He is an invited member of the IEA Hydrogen Implementing Agreement Task 39 Hydrogen in Maritime.

Professor (2010-present)

Lecturer(1994) /Senior Lecturer (2002)/ Reader(2008)

Research Assistant/Fellow, Dept of Ship Science, 1988-1994

Research Assistant, MIT Dept of Aero/Astro, 1986-1988

Student Apprentice, GEC Energy Systems, Whetstone, Leics


PhD, University of Southampton, Ship Science,1993

MA, University of Cambridge, Pembroke College, 1990

SM, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1988

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