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Agents, Interaction and Complexity

Our people

We're a vibrant group with academics, researchers, and students from over 10 countries, across Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, and Economics.

Mr Alexander Bincalar MEng

Research interests

  • The mechanisms of balance, along with ways to interact with them for improving performance.
  • The design and construction of low-cost, wireless, real-time data collection systems - for use in balance measurement and home-based interactive systems.
  • Finding algorithms and alternative hardware designs that optimise the accuracy of force measurement systems.

Dr Alexandre Goy

Research Fellow in Automated Verificatn

Research interests

  • Theoretical Computer Science
  • Logic
  • Category Theory

Mr Anbang Du

Research interests

  • Scientometrics
  • Research Policy
  • Science, Technology and Innovation (STI)

Dr Arpan Mandal

Research Fellow in NLP

Dr Ayodeji Abioye

Research Fellow in Human-Swarm Interactn

Dr Bahar Rastegari

Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence

Accepting applications from PhD students

Dr Christine Evers

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Machine Listening
  • Robot Audition
  • Bayesian inference

Dr Christoph Tremmel

Research Fellow in Wellbeing Technology

Dr Corina Cirstea

Associate Professor

Accepting applications from PhD students