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Agents, Interactions and Complexity

Our people

We're a vibrant group with academics, researchers, and students from over 10 countries, across Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, and Economics.

Doctor Alexandre Goy

Research Fellow in Automated Verificatn

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Doctor Arpan Mandal

Research Fellow in NLP

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Doctor Ayodeji Abioye

Research Fellow in Human-Swarm Interactn

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Doctor Bahar Rastegari

Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence

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Doctor Christine Evers

Lecturer in Computer Science

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Doctor Christoph Tremmel

Research Fellow in Wellbeing Technology

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Doctor Corina Cirstea

Associate Professor

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Doctor Danesh Tarapore


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Doctor David Bossens

Research Fellow

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Doctor Elnaz Shafipour

Research Fellow (Citizen-Centric AI Sys)

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