Professor Patrick Doncaster

Professor Patrick Doncaster

Professor of Ecology

Research interests

  • Population ecology 
  • Conservation management of forest and freshwater lake ecosystems
  • Conservation technology and tools for data analysis

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Patrick Doncaster is in the School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences.

Patrick's research includes theory and fieldwork on the movements of individuals within and between local populations, and their adaptations to crowded environments. He studies forest biodiversity and the interactions between humans and predators and their shared prey, acoustic ecology and applications of open-source conservation technology, early warning signals of tipping points in living systems under anthropogenic stress, and mechanisms for climate-change mitigation. He uses and develops robust methods of evidence-based analysis.



Statistics for Biologists

- Lexicon of statistics

Means and variances

Confidence intervals and R code for plotting them

Terminology of analysis of variance

Examples of analysis of variance and covariance

Orthogonal contrasts for balanced analysis of variance

Statistical power for balanced analysis of variance

R for analysis of variance and covariance


Population Ecology and Evolution

Lexicon of evolutionary genetics

Lexicon of reproductive modes

Model for population growth

Timeline of human evolution and cultural development


Conservation Biology

Organisations and conventions on environmental issues

Logical framework for valuing natural capital

How we as individuals can contribute to stopping biodiversity loss



Datasets and programs for study designs with Analysis of Variance

R codes for study designs with Analysis of Variance

Programs for statistical analysis

Programs for analysing interaction from radio-tracking data