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Research group

Functional inorganic, materials and supramolecular chemistry

Our research group examines the synthesis of new materials and functional molecules that contribute to innovation and technology.

Part of Chemistry


We research the synthesis of functional inorganic, solid-state and supramolecular materials and assemblies. 

Through our work, we take on challenges in:

  • energy
  • sustainability
  • healthcare
  • diagnostics
  • deposition of nanostructured materials

All our research is underpinned by a background in structure determination and characterisation. We are building sold-state structural libraries to investigate the link between molecular modifications and crystal structure electron density distribution and physical properties.

We use a combination of crystallographic, physical measurement, statistical and computational approaches.

Our 3 main fields are:

  • functional inorganic chemistry
  • materials chemistry
  • supramolecular chemistry

Research highlights

Projects and publications

Our people

Southampton provides a great environment to exploit the amazing creativity and atomic/molecular level control that chemistry affords to contribute toward new and innovative solutions to many of the world’s greatest challenges.
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