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Doctor Hachem Kassem

Dr Hachem Kassem


Research interests

  • Nearshore hydrodynamics and coastal sediment dynamics
  • Coastal and ocean engineering and flow-structure-seabed-biota interactions
  • Adaptive, nature-inclusive solutions to climate-mediated geohazards, including flooding, erosion and habitat degradation

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.


Hachem is a coastal engineer and oceanographer working at the interface between ocean engineering, and environmental geoscience. Hachem's expertise lies in experimental, numerical, and field investigations of coastal hydrodynamics and sediment transport (cohesive, granular, and mixed sediments). His teaching and research interests span a range of coastal and shallow marine processes and geohazards, exploring environmental and anthropogenic drivers and impacts of coastal change and informing the design of adaptive, resilient and nature-inclusive solutions to climate-mediated hazards such as coastal erosion, flooding, and habitat degradation, and the sustainable provision of renewable energy and marine resources. 

Hachem is the SMMI Champion of the Nature-based Ocean Solutions Special Interest Group Hachem also runs the three coastal teaching and research laboratories within the School of Ocean and Earth Science, which host recirculating and annular flumes and sediment analysis facilities, and associated field monitoring equipment.