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Multimode Photonics

Inside the Fiber laboratory

Our research encompasses both fundamental optical physics as well as the design, fabrication and testing of fibre-based and on-chip devices for a broad range of applications.


The Multimode Photonics group is led by Dr Massimiliano Guasoni.

Our research focuses on multi-mode optical systems. At variance with standard single-mode systems, like the optical fibres deployed worldwide for the Internet, multi-mode systems allow the simultaneous propagation of several light beams of different spatial shape. The interaction between these beams gives rise to novel and complex dynamics. 

In the Multimode Photonics group we explore these dynamics and exploit them for new applications. We cover the whole range of activities from the investigation of the underlying fundamental physics up to the design, fabrication and testing of the optical devices of interest. These include:  

  • Optical parametric amplifiers and oscillators based on multimode optical fibres with silica or non-silica host, for the development of wideband and tunable optical sources.
  • On-chip nano-antennas. Similarly to standard radio-antennas, nano-antennas capture an incoming electromagnetic radiation, which is then focused to a tight spot. In the case of nano-antennas, the spot width is as small as a few tens of nanometres. This allows shaping light at the nanoscale, with applications ranging from flexible optical nano-lenses up to integrated nano-optical sources.
  • Novel devices for on-chip light manipulation, including a diversity of optical couplers for efficient light coupling in integrated multimode waveguides as well as power splitters for higher-order modes and mode converters.

Our research is funded by major national and international funding agencies, including the European Research Council and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in the UK. In addition, we enjoy the collaboration with several local and international research groups, as well as the access to the world-class fabrication cleanrooms, laboratories and computer cluster facilities of the University of Southampton. 

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Mr Kunhao Ji

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Dr Massimiliano Guasoni

Principal Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Nonlinear optics
  • Fiber optical amplifiers and oscillators
  • Integrated photonics

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