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A researcher conducting work at a testing station within the centre for cancer immunology.
Centre for Cancer Immunology

Our immunology research

Learn about our research on how to help the body's immune system to kill cancer cells.
Our centre is dedicated to immunology. We use this knowledge to develop new immunotherapy treatments for cancer.

We develop these new immunotherapy treatments with the help of generous donors, patients on our trials, and researchers and clinicians across the University, UK and the world.

The new cancer treatments we are developing

Our scientists are:

  • engineering new antibody drugs that help our immune system destroy or prevent the growth of cancer cells
  • researching new treatments such as checkpoint inhibitor drugs which cause the body's T cells to find and kill cancer cells 
  • pioneering new approaches to stimulate different immune cells to improve cancer treatments

Clinical trials we are running

Our Southampton Clinical Trials Unit is evaluating the effectiveness of treatments such as:

  • an immunotherapy treatment (durvalumab) in boosting the immune systems of people with bladder cancer after radiotherapy treatment
  • a checkpoint inhibitor drug (pembrolizumab) in helping to treat diffuse large B cell lymphoma
  • a vaccine for HPV-positive (human papilloma virus) people with cancer, called RNA

Researchers, find out more about our current clinical trials, including cancer treatments.

Patients, find out how to take part in a trial.

Immunotherapy is the future of cancer treatment.
Professor Gareth Griffiths
Our Clinical Trials Unit director

Our work across the University

The Centre for Cancer Immunology works with scientists, mathematicians, data experts and engineers from across the University to develop better treatments for cancer.

Collaborators are based both within the Faculty of Medicine at the Southampton General Hopsital site and in other Highfield campus faculties — some at the Institute of Life Sciences.

To work with us to tackle cancer, check our current job opportunities (searching for Centre for Cancer Immunology).