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gloved hand pipetting into an Eppendorf tube
Southampton Clinical Trials Unit (SCTU)

Areas of expertise

Explore the breadth of our expertise in running a wide range of clinical trials.

Our staff have expertise in a wide range of clinical trials, from early phase, first-in-human drug trials, through to large, multicentre, phase III trials to provide evidence that can change clinical practice.

Areas of expertise

How we can support you during a trial

When working with us, we can provide support through the entire trial process, including:

  • trial design and research question
  • funding application
  • trial set-up, management and delivery
  • quality assurance and trial monitoring
  • secure data collection
  • statistical analysis
  • translational research
  • trial Methodology
  • patient and public involvement (PPI)
  • publication, dissemination and publicity

Sharing our knowledge

SCTU is committed to feeding trial data and samples back into the discovery community so we can learn as much as possible from the trials we run and use this data to develop new precision medicine studies.

Find out more about data sharing on our Working with Us page.

We also have a large repository of patient samples that can be shared with other researchers and organisations to further research knowledge.

Find out more on our Translational research page.