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Southampton Clinical Trials Unit (SCTU)


SCTU has a broad trial portfolio spanning multiple cancer types and trial designs.
  • Our active portfolios have particular focus in haematology, gastrointestinal cancer, urological malignancies, mesothelioma, lung cancer and breast cancer. Our unit is evolving to become a UK-wide CTU with pan-cancer expertise and interests.
  • Our trials involve early, localised and metastatic disease settings, and include the Cancer Research UK designated cancers of unmet need: lung, oesophagus and pancreas.
  • We can develop and conduct a broad range of trial designs, from first-in-human through to phase III, and treatment modalities such as chemo-radiotherapy and intra-operative radiotherapy. We also have a focus on early detection and improving cancer diagnosis. See our Early diagnosis page.
  • We have strong partnerships with industry, and with collaborators across the UK and internationally.

Portfolio highlights


Identifying types of aggressive lymphoma where survival is improved by a targeted cancer drug. 

The long-term results of the REMoDL-B trial showed that adding a targeted cancer drug to standard chemotherapy treatment can improve survival for some patients with aggressive lymphoma.

Read more about our REMoDL-B trial


Targeted cancer drug can improve survival for patients with advanced prostate cancer. 

The Cancer Research UK-funded ProCAID trial showed that adding the drug capivasertib to chemotherapy can improve overall survival for men whose cancer had spread to other parts of the body.

Read more about our ProCAID trial


Pioneering radiotherapy technique trialled for colorectal cancer patients. 

The ELECTRA trial is testing whether intraoperative electron beam radiotherapy (IOERT) delivered directly to the cancer site during surgery can help to ensure no cancer cells are left behind.

Read more about our ELECTRA trial


Breakthrough results for the treatment of mesothelioma. 

The CONFIRM trial was the first ever trial of its kind to show an immunotherapy drug could improve survival for people with a cancer often caused by breathing in asbestos.

Read more about our CONFIRM trial

Collaborations and partnerships

As part of the University’s School of Cancer Sciences, and with our offices based in the Centre for Cancer Immunology, we are integrated with the discovery scientists in the laboratories. We also work in partnership with the Southampton Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre.

We also have a number of external partnerships that link us with basic science and translational expertise, including:

  • PMAL (Precision Medicine for Aggressive Lymphoma)
  • BC-TRAC (Bladder Cancer Translational Research Consortium)
  • OCCAMS (Oesophageal Cancer Clinical and Molecular Stratification)
  • MEDUSA (Mesothelioma Evolution: Deciphering Druggable Somatic Alterations)