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Sustainability and Resilience Institute (SRI)

A man sit on dry land in an empty lake

We bring together colleagues from across the University, and work with experts from around the world to answer one of the most pressing questions of our time: “How will we choose to manage our planet for ourselves and future generations?”

We believe all academic disciplines – from business to engineering, environment to humanities, information systems to health and social sciences – have a part to play. We work across all interdisciplinary sustainability and resilience challenges with our collaborative research focusing on the following main areas: renewable energy, decarbonisation and waste management; climate change and health; nature-based solutions; methods and tools; and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

SRI’s vision is a sustainable and resilient world where synergies and trade-offs are well-managed between social, economic, environmental, and cultural needs across society.

I can think of few more pressing questions than how we will choose to manage our planet for ourselves and future generations.
Director, Sustainability and Resilience Institute
A community of staff, students and external partners working together is key to solving our socio-economic and environmental challenges.
Deputy Director SRI
There is no silver bullet solution to decarbonisation. As such it is crucially important that we explore all options and understand they all play a part in the big picture, as a full system.
Deputy Director SRI

Helping Ugandan businesses demonstrate their sustainability

Businesses in Uganda are reaping the benefits of sustainability reporting thanks to the efforts of a Southampton academic.

Protecting against rising sea levels

Research led by Professor Ivan Haigh on storm surges, sea level rise and climate change is ensuring flood barriers are maintained and future-proofed to protect 30 million people.

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Related research institutes, centres and groups

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