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The Parkes Institute

Visiting fellowship scheme

The Parkes Institute offers visiting fellowships to academics in the field of Jewish/non-Jewish relations

Fellows will be based in Southampton and are expected to attend Parkes events (such as evening research seminars and afternoon doctoral seminars) and to participate in the intellectual life of the Institute. Fellows will be asked either to deliver a seminar paper or to present their work to students in the form of a teaching session or master class.


Applications are currently closed. Information about future visiting fellow opportunities will be listed here and shared via our social media accounts. Please check back in the future for more information.

Past fellows:


Dr Maria Cieśla (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw)

Research project: The influence of Jewish economic activity in creating Jewish-Christian spaces in the pre-modern Polish -Lithuania Commonwealth.


Dr Isabelle Hesse, Senior Lecturer (University of Sydney)

Research Project: 'Jewish Speculative Fiction, Nationalism, and Nation-Building'.

Dr Arie Dubnov, Associate Professor and Max Ticktin Chair of Israel Studies in the Department of History at George Washington University

Research Project: 'Between Manchester and Jerusalem (and back?) Leon (H.Y.) Roth, Richard Koebner and the circulation of knowledge between Britain and Mandatory Palestine'.


Dr Susanne Korbel, lecturer at the Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Graz (Austria)

Research Project: 'Intimacy in a Splendid Metropolis: Versatile Encounters between Jews and non-Jews in Vienna around 1900'

Dr Reuven Kiperwasser, lecturer at Ariel University (Israel) and research associate at Hebrew University (Israel)

Research project:' A Jew and a Gentile in the mirror of a Rabbinic Conversion story: From Aquila the Proselyte to Abba Goolias'

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