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Acellular/Smart Materials - 3D Architecture: UK RMP Hub

Project overview

The UKRMP2 Smart Materials Hub aims to develop the next generation of bioactive scaffolds and biomatrices to treat the eye, the musculoskeletal system and the liver. Regenerative medicine holds the promise of revolutionising patient care addressing the problems of an ageing population.

The Bone and Joint Research Group are part of the Acellular Smart Materials Hub with a specific focus on addressing skeletal repair and function moving from basic discovery science through to clinical translation. Research will seek to address the current unmet need for material systems that not only deliver cells safely but also provide cues for differentiation and the organisation of hierarchical and vascularised tissues. The development of materials with highly controlled spatio-temporal features that can respond to environmental triggers is also key in the quest for smarter more biomimetic solutions. The Acellular Smart materials UKRMP Programme will, over five years deliver innovative acellular material solutions to tissue regeneration with research encompassing fundamental research through to preclinical evaluation and, ultimately clinical delivery.


Other researchers

Professor Jon Dawson

Prof Fellow of Regenerative Medicine
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Professor Nick Evans

Professor of Bioengineering
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