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Lead researcher

Professor Jacek Brodzki

Professor of Pure Mathematics

Research interests

  • Topological data analysis
  • Applications of topology to medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science

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Other researchers

Professor Peter Smith BSc, PhD, MA, FRSB

Professor of Life Sciences

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Professor Jeremy Frey

Professor of Physical Chemistry

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Professor Ratko Djukanovic

Professor of Medicine

Research interests

  • Professor Djukanovic has a lifelong interest in asthma, especially its severe forms. where his focus is on: 1) underlying pathobiological mechanisms of asthma, 2) stratification of asthma into clinical phenotypes and mechanism-based endotypes, 3) unmet needs of severe asthma management. He also has an interest in the mechanisms and treatments of severe viral infections of the lung.
  • Underlying mechanisms of asthma: Professor Djukanovic has conducted pioneer studies into the pathology of asthma, applying research bronchoscopy  (with endobronchial biopsy and bronchoalveolar lavage) and sputum induction. He led the initial task forces which defined the use of these two techniques, thereby paving the way for standardised research approches that enabled in-depth descriptions of the roles of various inflammatory cells and their mediators. He developed an explant model, consisting of bronchial biopsies placed into tissue culture, that could be stimulated ex vivo with relevant triggers, applying as needed, novel agents not yet approved for in vivo use in humans volunteers. 

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Professor Mahesan Niranjan

ISIS Chair

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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Mariam Pirashvili,
Francisco Belchi guillamon,
& Lee Steinberg
, 2018 , Journal of Cheminformatics , 10
Type: article
Christopher Cave,
& Kang Li
, 2017 , Advances in Mathematics , 312 , 209--233
Type: article
Shantanu Dave,
& Victor Nistor
, 2017 , Advances in Mathematics , 306 , 494--523
Type: article
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