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Professor Jacek Brodzki

Professor Jacek Brodzki

Head of School

Research interests

  • Topological data analysis
  • Applications of topology to medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science
  • Noncommutative Geometry

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.


Professor Jacek Brodzki is Professor of Pure Mathematics at the University of Southampton.

Brodzki's research covers topological data analysis, noncommutative geometry, K- theory of operator algebras, coarse geometry, and mathematical physics. He has founded two research groups supported by grants from the EPSRC and a wide network of interdisciplinary collaborations, spanning mathematics, physics, medicine, genetics, computer science, and electrical engineering. 

He led the programme “Joining the Dots: From Data to insight” which unifies topological data analysis, machine learning and statistics. He is a co-founder and Director of the Centre for Geometry, Topology, and Applications (CGTA). 

Brodzki is Deputy Head of School for Research and Enterprise in the School of Mathematical Sciences. 

A link to Brodzki's personal homepage can be found here