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Research project

Building Large Quantum States Out of Light


Lead researcher

Professor Peter G.R. Smith

Professor in Electronics & Comp Science
Other researchers

Dr James Gates MPhys, PhD

Principal Research Fellow

Professor Corin Gawith

Professorial Fellow-Enterprise

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Matthew T. Posner,
Thomas Hiemstra,
Ulrich B. Hoff,
Andreas Eckstein,
W.S. Kolthammer,
Ian Walmsley,
Devin H. Smith,
, 2018 , Optica , 26 (19) , 24678--24686
Type: article
Justin B. Spring,
Benjamin J. Metcalf,
Peter C. Humphreys,
Helen L. Rogers,
Christoph Soller,
Brian J. Smith,
W. Steven Kolthammer,
& Ian A. Walmsley
, 2017 , Optica , 4 (1) , 90--96
Type: article
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