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Research project

Building Large Quantum States Out of Light


Lead researcher

Professor Peter G.R. Smith

Professor in Electronics & Comp Science
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Other researchers

Dr James Gates MPhys, PhD

Principal Research Fellow
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Professor Corin Gawith

Professorial Fellow-Enterprise
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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Matthew T. Posner, Thomas Hiemstra, Paolo Mennea, Rex Bannerman, Ulrich B. Hoff, Andreas Eckstein, W.S. Kolthammer, Ian Walmsley, Devin H. Smith, James C. Gates & Peter G.R. Smith, 2018, Optica, 26(19), 24678-24686
Type: article
Justin B. Spring, Paolo L. Mennea, Benjamin J. Metcalf, Peter C. Humphreys, James C. Gates, Helen L. Rogers, Christoph Soller, Brian J. Smith, W. Steven Kolthammer, Peter G.R. Smith & Ian A. Walmsley, 2016, Optica, 4(1), 90-96
Type: article