Doctor Paul Gow

Dr Paul Gow

Senior Research Fellow

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Paul is currently developing a new Direct UV Writing system based on a 213 nm wavelength laser for fabricating planar silica integrated optics. These devices will be used to shrink entire lab benches of mirrors optics down to a fibre-coupled, chip-scale device capable of coupling light in to and out of atom traps.

He has been involved with the EPSRC funded NQIT (Networked Quantum Information Technologies) quantum hub project to develop and test a fibre-optic network for quantum entanglement of Strontium ion traps in collaboration with the University of Oxford.

Key words: Photonic devices, Optical waveguides, Bragg gratings, Direct laser writing, Laser materials processing, Optoelectronic devices, Quantum technology, Ultra precision machining, Optical sensors.


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