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Professor Corin Gawith

Professor Corin Gawith

Professorial Fellow-Enterprise

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Tel: +44 23 8059 0148

Address: B53, West Highfield Campus, University Road, SO17 1BJ (View in Google Maps)


Corin Gawith is a Professorial Fellow Enterprise at the University of Southampton where he holds the Covesion / Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair on Nonlinear Optical Materials by Ultra-Precision Machining. He is also Co-Founder and CTO of the Southampton spin-out company Covesion Ltd, a Fellow of the Institute of Physics, and member of the EPSRC College.

Corin's research interests focus on the development of manufacturing processes for nonlinear optical materials for wavelength conversion; a photonics technology used to change the wavelength (colour) of lasers, enabling new applications in quantum technologies, defence, sensing, and laser displays. His work is primarily based on academic-industrial collaborations with funding support from Innovate UK, the Royal Academy of Engineering, EPSRC, DSTL, the European Commission, the British Council, the Newton Fund, and direct industrial contracts.

Corin collaborates on some of the UK's largest quantum technology projects, including the EPSRC Quantum Technology Hub for Networked Quantum Information Technology (2014-2019), the EPSRC Quantum Technology Hub for Sensors & Metrology (2014-2019), the EPSRC Quantum Technology Hub for Quantum Enhanced Imaging (2019-2024), and the Innovate UK quantum technology flagship projects QT Assemble (2020-2023), Pioneer Gravity (2018-2021) and Cold Atom Space Payload (CASPA) (2017-2019).

In 2008, he Co-Founded the University of Southampton spin-out company Covesion Ltd to commercialise his research on Magnesium-doped Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate (MgO:PPLN). He was seconded to Covesion from 2009-2014, establishing the company from start up to profitable business. In his ongoing role as CTO, Corin coordinates an academic-industrial research team developing new technologies and products, often supported by funding from Innovate UK.

In 2003, Corin Co-Founded the Southampton spin-out company, Stratophase Ltd (2003-2018) to develop systems for biochemical sensing.

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