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Research project

Computational modelling to evaluate, understand and predict the placental transfer of xenobiotics as an integrated system


Lead researcher

Doctor Bram Sengers

Associate Professor

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Other researchers

Professor Xunli Zhang PhD, DIC, FRSC, CChem, CEng

Head of Department-Chemical Engineerg

Research interests

  • Xunli’s key expertise lies in the area of microfluidics technology from design and fabrication of microfluidic devices, through the development of in-situ monitoring methods for bio/chemical processes, to microfluidic modelling, microsystems integration and automation. The application is largely associated with biomedical challenges like patient specific design of microfluidic devices for cancer treatment, rapid diagnosis, and tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The continuous flow reactors have been used for the synthesis of a range of nanoparticles, both organic and inorganic, for application in drug delivery and energy saving. The technologies developed in his research have also found great potential for industrial applications through a variety of industrial collaborations. 

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Professor Rohan Lewis PhD, FTPS

Prof of Placental&Integrative Physiology

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Doctor Jane Cleal PhD

Lecturer in Reproductive Cell Biology

Research interests

  • Areas of Scientific Expertise:
  • Reproductive Cell Biology – Fundamental mechanisms of cell biology in placenta and endometrium and the impact on the intra-uterine environment, fetal development and lifelong health.Regulation of Reproductive Cell Biology – Maternal exposures and molecular regulation of cellular gene expression, phenotype and function in placenta and endometrium and the clinical translation.Disease/phenotype – Fetal growth, Obesity, Cardiometabolic programming, Subfertility, Recurrent pregnancy loss.Cellular mechanisms – Membrane transport, endocytosis, vesicular transport & signalling, gene transcription, microRNA biology, epigenetic regulation.Vitamin D - Transport, regulation, metabolism and signalling.

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Research outputs

Harikesan Baskaran,
Jools Green,
Stanimir A. Tashev,
Eleni Palaiologou,
Emma Lofthouse,
Jane Cleal,
Anthony Page,
David Chatelet,
Patricia Mary Goggin,
, 2022 , iScience , 25 (12)
Type: article
Benita, Scout MacKay,
& Bram Sengers
, 2022
Type: conference
& Bram Sengers
, 2020 , Placenta , 93 , 43--48
Type: review
Emma Lofthouse,
Georgina J Hudson,
& Bram Sengers
, 2020 , European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences , 152
Type: article
Emma M. Lofthouse,
, 2018 , The Journal of Physiology , 596 (23) , 5511--5522
Type: review
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