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Lead researcher

Professor Mark Spearing

Vice-President (Research & Enterprise)

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Other researchers

Dr Ivo Tews

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Natural products biosynthesis: a complex cascade of catalytic steps in vitamin B6 biosynthesis is characterised by structures or reaction intermediates in the large PLP syntase complexEdit
  • Bacterial biofilms: understanding of RedOx regulated phosphodiesterase activity in dispersal of biofilms to address chronic infections
  • Cancer immunology: together with Cancer Immunology at Southampton we use a structure based apporach in developing novel cancer therapie

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Dr Ruomeng Huang FHEA, MInstP, MRSC

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • 1. Neuromorphic computing based on novel memristor materials and devices
  • 2. Machine learning enabled nanophotonics and energy harvesting devices design and optimization

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Dr Hachem Kassem


Research interests

  • Nearshore hydrodynamics and coastal sediment dynamics
  • Coastal and ocean engineering and flow-structure-seabed-biota interactions
  • Adaptive, nature-inclusive solutions to climate-mediated geohazards, including flooding, erosion and habitat degradation

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Dr Nuno Bimbo

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Adsorption and porous materials
  • Gas Storage and Separations
  • Hydrogen technologies

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Dr Dimitra Georgiadou PhD FHEA

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • green manufacturing of flexible nanoelectronic devices
  • photonic synapses for neuromorphic computing
  • solution-processed non-toxic materials

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Dr Christoph Tremmel

Research Fellow in Wellbeing Technology

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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

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