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Research project

High temperature failure processes in Ni base superalloys

Project overview

We are focussing on the role of environment and temperature on the fatigue failure mechanisms in Ni based turbine disc and blade alloys, comparing polycrystalline, single crystal and additively manufactured systems. We have a particular focus on understanding the micromechanisms of failure and how this links to key microstructural features and local processes


Lead researcher

Professor Philippa Reed


Research interests

  • Fatigue processes in additively manufactured high performance alloys
  • High temperature oxidation and creep fatigue processes in nickel based turbine disc and blade alloys
  • Fatigue mitigation and prediction approaches in turbine blades
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Other researchers

Dr Andrew Hamilton

Associate Professor
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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Marie-Salome, Dani Duval-Chaneac, Nong Gao, R.H.U Khan, Michael Giles, K. Georgilas, Xiao Zhao & Philippa Reed, 2022, International Journal of Fatigue, 160(7)
Type: article
Yuanguo Tan, Daniel John Bull, Rong Jiang, Angelos Evangelou, Somsubhro Chaudhuri, Sari Octaviani, Fabrice Pierron, Nong Gao, H. Toda, Ian Sinclair & Philippa Reed, 2021, Materials Science & Engineering: A, 805(140592)
Type: article
R. Jiang, Y.D. Song & P.A. Reed, 2020, International Journal of Fatigue, 141
Type: article
Evangelos Evangelou, Katherine Soady, Scott Lockyer, Nong Gao & Philippa Reed, 2019, Materials Science and Engineering: A, 742, 648-661
Type: article
R. J. Kashinga, L. G. Zhao, V. V. Silberschmidt, R. Jiang & P. A.S. Reed, 2018, International Journal of Fracture
Type: article