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Research project

Structural Integrity assessments in steam turbine power generation blade materials

Project overview

Fatigue in steam turbine blade materials is a growing issue as we try to extend the latter stages of lifetime at end of life of these assets. In particular a focus on fatigue mitigation approaches such as shot peening, coatings and minor overloads on fatigue mechanisms has been studied in a range of projects


Lead researcher

Professor Philippa Reed


Research interests

  • Fatigue processes in additively manufactured high performance alloys
  • High temperature oxidation and creep fatigue processes in nickel based turbine disc and blade alloys
  • Fatigue mitigation and prediction approaches in turbine blades
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Other researchers

Dr Andrew Hamilton

Associate Professor
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Dr Benjamin Cunningham BEng (Hons), MEng, PhD, IMechE, IEng

Mechanical Testing Consultant
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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Benjamin M.D. Cunningham, Mitchell Leering, Yuhui Fan, Chao You, Andrew Morris, Philippa A.S. Reed, Andrew R. Hamilton & Michael E. Fitzpatrick, 2023, Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures, 46(8), 2845-2863
Type: article
Benjamin M. D. Cunningham, Angelos Evangelou, Chao You, Andrew Morris, James Wise, Philippa A. S. Reed & Andrew R. Hamilton, 2021, Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures, 45(2), 546-564
Type: article
Chao You, Binyan He, Mithila Achintha & Philippa Reed, 2017, International Journal of Fatigue, 104, 120–135
Type: article
André Caetano Melado, Arthur Seiji Nishikawa, Hélio Goldenstein, Michael A. Giles & Philippa A.S. Reed, 2017, International Journal of Fatigue
Type: article