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Associate Professor Jize Yan PhD

Associate Professor

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I am an Associate Professor in the University of Southampton. I received the first degree from Tsinghua University in China, and Ph.D. degree from the University of Cambridge. I was a Research Assistant, Research Associate, Senior Research Associate and Principal Investigator in the University of Cambridge.



My research work led to 80+ peer-reviewed publications, 9 patents and a list of best paper awards. As investigator or co-investigator, I have secured £12Mn+ research grants from various sources. I have worked with 30+ industrial collaborators. I served as an editorial board member for several international journals, and a reviewer of 18 journals. I am a scientific peer reviewer of grant applications for 2 countries and a technology reviewer for 2 venture capitals. I have a joint lab with UC Berkeley and collaborations with Chinese Academy of Science and Singapore CREATE Centre.

I have co-founded two companies in the field of Wireless Sensor Network (Wisen Innovation Ltd, and Energy Harvesting (8Power Ltd, for industrial applications. My students have recently formed a Digital Tracking Company for Pharmaceutical application (Serket Technology Ltd,

I am a member of Southampton Nanofabrication Centre (, the Zepler Institute ( and the Centre for Risk Research (


Research interests


My research interests: 

Microsystem (Optomechanics and MEMS):

1) Ultrahigh Sensitive Sensor and Quantum Measurement

2) On-chip Quantum Signal Processing, and Optomechanics Devices

3) Nonlinear Optics, Photon-Phonon Translation

Sensor systems (MEMS sensors, Distributed Fibre Optic Sensors, Energy Harvesting, Wireless Sensor Network and Digital Tracking) for industrial applications, such as

1) Infrastructure Safety

2) Energy and Chemical Engineering

3) Human-Machine Interaction

4) Sound, Vibration, Acoustic and Music

To PhD candidates:

I am happy to consider applications to undertake PhD research study broadly related to, but not restricted to, any of the above areas. My students can visit USA/China/Singapore during their PhD studies up to one year. A good background in any of the following area (Physics, Photonics, MEMS, Electronics and Fabrication) will be a plus in the application. Please send your CV and/or PS to

To Visiting Fellows: I am happy to host visiting scholars broadly related to, but not restricted to, any of the above areas.


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Singapore National Research Foundation, IRP 2: Electrochemical Multi-scale Science, Engineering, Technology (EMSET), £10Mn

China Natural Science Foundation, Protocol for energy supply in complex environments with wireless sensor network media access control, ¥250k

EPSRC, EP/K000314/1, subproject – T8, Development and miniaturization of distributed fiber optic sensor analysers, £257k + £358k (industry support)

EPSRC, EP/K000314/1, subproject – T3, Low power MEMS strain sensors for infrastructure monitoring, £273k + £581k (industry support)

EPSRC, EP/K000314/1, subproject – T2, Energy harvesting from ambient vibration, £80k + £50k (industry support)

Lloyd’s Register Foundation and Practical Nanotechnology: Nano/Micro- Electro-Mechanical-System self-powered sensors for infrastructure safety monitoring


Associate Professor Jize Yan
Southampton Business School, University of Southampton, Southampton SO17 1BJ, UK.

Room Number : 59/4221

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