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Success in food-chain risk management research bid

Published: 20 May 2014

Dr. Raquel Florez-Lopez of Pablo Olavide University of Seville, Spain, recently visited the Centre for Risk Research to present an award certificate for a successful project bid of €25,300.

The award has been given by the Andalusian Regional Government for Excellence Research Project Initiative (Excellence Project P12-SEJ-1933) and will fund a project titled 'Managing efficiency in high risk environments: Analysis of export relationships in food businesses'. 

Food and risk are inseparable

Dr Florez-Lopez said "I am delighted that we will be able to work with Professor Ming Chien Sung and Professor Johnnie Johnson  from the Centre for Risk Research on this project". She indicated that the project will also involve collaboration with academics from Universities in Spain, Belgium and Germany.

This project aims to provide evidence concerning the role played by proactive performance management systems and risk management systems in order to control risk and gain efficiency for food supply chain agents (producers, intermediaries, customers). The project will focus particularly on downstream supply chains and will be led by Pablo Olavide University of Seville.

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