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Centre for Risk Research

The Centre for Risk Research and GCHQ Explore Potential Research Collaborations

Published: 26 February 2015

Representatives from GCHQ recently visited the Centre for Risk Research (CRR) to discuss how the Centre’s diverse expertise in risk research could be utilised by the UK government’s communications and intelligence agency.


The meeting was chaired by the CRR’s Director, Professor Johnnie Johnson, and focused on how risk and security management processes at GCHQ could be further enhanced. The meeting provoked a range of informative and insightful discussions regarding the potential application of various findings from some of the Centre’s recent research projects. The discussions focused on topics such as the development of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) processes, the creation of cognitively-intuitive technological interfaces, the recognition and communication of synergistic risks and the modelling of cyber security threats using Big Data.

The CRR was represented by several of its members, including Professor Ming-Chien Sung, Dr Alasdair Marshall, Dr Peter Fraser-McKenzie, Dr Tiejun Ma and Dr Ian Dawson. It is expected that the meeting will lead to future collaborations with GCHQ in the near future.




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