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The University of Southampton
Centre for Risk Research

Research Grant Success for International Risk Group

Published: 14 July 2015

Professor Vanessa Sung, Professor Johnnie Johnson, Dr Tiejun Ma and Dr Bart Baesens (Southampton Business School) with Dr Raquel Florez-Lopez (Pablo Olavide University of Seville) and Professor Stefan Lessmann (Humboldt-University (HU) of Berlin), have been awarded €30,000 by the Ministerio de Economia y Competitvidad - Spanish National Research Council for their 2015-18 project 'Collaboration, risk management and governance in SMEs: Drivers for competitiveness and international entrepreneurship'.

Professor Sung stated that she was delighted that this international collaboration had succeeded in securing the funding. She explained that “In this project, based on Resource-Based Theory (RBV) and Network Theory (NT), we will analyse the role of governmental mechanisms to manage entrepreneurship risks and how the effectiveness of these mechanisms can depending on the particular characteristics of the context. Since the role of governmental mechanisms can differ with respect to different internationalization strategies and pathways (moving in a continuum between slow and intensive, to quick and very intensive strategies) our research will analyse each particular international path to understand the needs of governmental structures and their optimal design.”

The research project will gather data via online surveys administrated to Spanish internationalised SMEs which use cooperative relationships for international ventures. The data will be gathered using techniques such as structural equation modelling, decision rule extraction models and case studies. It is anticipated that the project will lead to new dynamic capabilities and knowledge that will help to reduce the downside risk and opportunity loss risk experienced by many SMEs and to increases their partners’ performance and competitiveness.

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