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Risk modelling paper on autonomous underwater vehicles published in leading journal

Published: 26 November 2015
An autonomous underwater vehicle

A paper written by Dr Mario Brito, a Lecturer in Risk Analysis and Risk Management at the Centre for Risk Research, has recently been published in the journal, Reliability Engineering & System Safety. In the paper, Mario Brito and Gwyn Griffiths, a professor from the National Oceanography Centre, present a Bayesian approach for quantifying the risk of losing an autonomous underwater vehicle during its mission when taking into account a disparate source of evidence.

Autonomous marine vehicles are unmanned vehicles that allow access to areas of the ocean that cannot be accessed by any other means. The risk of vehicle loss in extreme environments is high and it is subjected to epistemic and aleatory uncertainty. In the paper, Dr Brito and Professor Griffiths explain how their new approach for quantifying the risk of losing the vehciles has many benefits. These include providing a framework to integrate frequentist and subjective probabilities, a Bayesian belief updating method for capturing variation in operating environments, and a graphical approach for sensitivity analysis.

Dr Mario Brito
Dr Mario Brito
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