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The University of Southampton
Centre for Risk Research

Time to take a risk? CRR seminar examines the role of time on risk preferences

Published: 23 May 2016
Sebastian Ebert

In a recent seminar hosted by the Centre for Risk Research (CRR) and Centre for Operational Research, Management Science & Information Systems (CORMSIS), Dr Sebastian Ebert of Tilburg University presented a paper that explored the influence of time on risk preferences.

In his presentation, Dr Ebert explained that many things in life (e.g., receiving a return on an investment, retiring, dying and falling in love!) are only a matter of time. However, we may all have different preferences towards the risk of these things happening sooner or later, and we may make drastically different decisions based on these preferences. Dr Ebert explained how he has completed a number of studies that examined these preferences and that his results offer a new way to estimate time preferences -- independently from utility -- and clarify how outcomes that occur at an unsure time ought to be discounted.

Sebastian Ebert is based at Tilburg University where he studies how individuals make financial and other risky decisions, as well as how these decisions can be improved. His research employs both theoretical and experimental analysis. His work has been published in journals such as The American Economic Review, Management Science, and The Journal of Risk and Uncertainty. Before joining Tilburg University in 2013 as an Assistant Professor of Finance, he obtained degrees in mathematics, statistics, and economics.

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