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Chief Risk Officer (UK) from Zurich Insurance delivers CRR seminar

Published: 1 December 2016
Alastair Allison, CRO, Zurich (UK)
Alastair Allison, Chief Risk Officer, Zurich Plc (UK)

Alastair Allison, Chief Risk Officer at Zurich Insurance Plc. (UK), recently delivered a CRR seminar in which he highlighted a wealth of potential research topics at the intersection of risk management and the future of the insurance industry.

Alastair first outlined how his career has been shaped by his MSc in Corporate Risk and Security Management from the University of Southampton, and by his vast range of experiences working in risk management across a number of different industries. He then discussed a range of topics that he considers to be in much need of further academic research. This included risk culture, risk maturity, robotics, the Internet of Things, Big Data and driverless cars. Alastair believes some fresh thinking is needed in these areas and has found that these topics are often alien to boards of traditional companies, making it hard to engage them in the importance of these issues. More generally, Alastair posed the question “How could risk researchers help the insurance industry shape its future?”

The event was attended by a wide range of staff and students from Southampton Business School and Alastair's thought-provoking presentation led to a range of interesting and challenging questions. Danni Zhang, a Phd student from the CRR, commented "I really enjoyed the seminar. It has expanded my view of risk management. I was particulalry interested in the idea of risk culture and the digital challenge - robotics and AI – this is something that I have not thought about much before. Also, the introduction of Alastair’s rich experience across a wide range of industries has updated my stereotyped view of risk management and I was really impressed by his insights."

Alastair will be returning to Southampton Business School in 2017 to deliver a series of lecture on insurance and risk management to the MSc student on the School's four risk-related programmes.

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