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The University of Southampton
Centre for Risk Research

Risk group contributes to the British Standards Institution’s work on risk management standards

Published: 18 January 2016
British Standards Institution

Matthew Leitch, a visiting lecturer at Southampton Business School and a member of the Centre for Risk Research, has recently contributed to the British Standards Institution’ standardization of risk management via his role as the Centre’s representative on the RM/1 (risk management) committee.


Matthew recently took on the leadership of a sub-group of RM/1, known as PG3, which is responsible for developmental work on ‘progressive’ topics. These topics include integral management of risk and uncertainty in managerial contexts and developing a better understanding of the role that cognitive processes play in situations where risk and uncertainty are important.

Matthew’s group has started working towards a ‘New Work Item Proposal’ for a new British Standard on risk management, which focuses on the integral management of risk and is based on a new approach to writing guidance on risk management.

Matthew said “This is something that risk management guidance has been trying to express for years, without much success. We are looking at a new type of guidance and a somewhat different development approach. It involves thinking about the full range of cognitive processes relevant to risk management and when they occur. There’s a lot to do and it’s a very challenging goal, but survey evidence and early drafting trials strongly suggest this could be a breakthrough.”

Other work which has taken place in PG3 under Matthew’s leadership has included researching and drafting comments on the revised ISO 31000 on behalf of the RM/1 committee. ISO 31000 is slowly progressing towards a second edition and PG3 aims to bring a higher level of scholarship to the project.


Matthew Leitch
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